Madden 18 is hot off the presses for mobile and fans around the country are making excuses to stay in and play rather than go out for a night of fun. As much excitement as offered in Madden 18, there’s little room to argue with the fact that it may very well be more enjoyable than that night on the town.

If you’re already playing Madden 18 or are just getting started, there’s many new changes for the game for this year, but you’ll love them all the way that you have changes with other seasons. This time, the enhancements are dramatic and will make you smile. If you are ready to put your winning foot forward in the game, use these Madden 18 tips and tricks to ensure the mission is accomplished.

Tip One: Use the Hack

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There is a Madden hack that gives you access to unlimited coins. This hack is free and the madden mobile hack no survey means you won’t waste time filling out all those questions. Many people use the hack because it gives them advantages to buy items from the shop.

Tip Two:  What to do with Unneeded Players?

Sometimes you’ll find yourself with unneeded players on the team. What should you do with these players? First, look on each set to find a spot, if one is available. If you complete sets, there are nice rewards in store. Don’t be so quick to sell your players!

Tip Three: Speed may get you in Trouble

It isn’t the fast and the furious so slow down a little bit. The best lineup tab helps get players into the best positions, but sometimes, choosing your own names is best. This is especially true when choose who’ll run, receive, or even play forward. The speed rating can hurt considerably, so use faster players as HB, WR, and PRs.

Tip Four: Trust Live Events

When choosing what you’re doing when playing Madden 18, look at the live events. These events change frequently and are available only on certain days of the week. Play the season games when there’s nothing else exciting going on in the world of NFL.

Tip Five: Choose Your Players

When playing in head-on games, it is okay to choose the players who you want to use to play this game. Don’t be intimidated to use certain players or to play when you know the game is one you likely won’t win. It is okay to say no!

Tip Six: Strategy for Multi-Player Games

When playing in multiplayer games, use the strategy feature. You’ll be able to gain more defense as you increase levels. Study opponent’s plays and use the most active players in your slots.

Tip Seven: Call Your Own Plays

The game is there to give you suggestion and it makes many of them. But, remember, these are suggestions only, and in no way must you use them. In fact, it is a good idea to call your own plays so there’s no regret later.