Is There Real Money in a YouTuber’s Career?

Are you thinking about the possibility of turning your passion for YouTube into something that you can do full time? We can understand why you are thinking in this way. If we were in your position and we had a passion for making video content, then we would be thinking in the same way. In fact, we know quite a few content creators who are still making YouTube videos, or got their start in this way. So how can we help you succeed? We can certainly give you some tips that we believe are going to help you in a big way.

What we are going to tell you is that you must be careful. Yes, there is genuine money that you can make if you are on YouTube. But you must also recognize that if you are thinking you can just make videos and make a ton of money, you are in a little bit of denial. It is possible, but only 1 percent of those who make videos on YouTube are making a huge amount of money. It is just how things go, and you must be prepared for this fact.

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What we encourage is that you start this as a part time job. You have to get another method of making money, or you should be in a living situation where you are spending very little each month. Let us say you decide to live with your parents for a few months, so you can give yourself time to make this a career. Then you are in a good position. But if you are living on your own or with friends, then you will need another job that can pay your bills until you can build up your subscriber count.

And in terms of YouTube itself, we think that if you want to get the success that everyone is after, you will need to buy YouTube subscribers and views during the early period. Why? Because if you want to make it, you need to project that you have a very good channel. And no one is going to believe that when they are seeing your videos with 200 views and maybe 10 subs on your channel. That is not impressive in the least, and will not make anyone go on your content out of interest – unless you are posting about some obscure topic that no one else posts about.

Now when you buy YouTube subscribers and views for the first few weeks or months, it means you are boosting your channel’s profile. Your videos may start trending, and you will most definitely find that you are on the top of results pages for related keywords. That is a huge boost, and it means that your content can shine. If you have the good content that you believe, then people will click on your videos, give you a thumbs up and leave positive comments. They may even subscribe, and this will help your channel grow in an organic way.