Painting on a Budget

A DIY interior paint job is rewarding, fun, and a great way to get an updated look in your home. But, the costs of a DIY interior paint job can be more than many homeowners intended to spend. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce costs of your DIY paint job without sacrificing a fantastic paint job. How can you save money when it is time to update the interior paint in your home? Read below for six easy ways to reduce costs of an interior paint job.

Buy the Right Paint

Paint does matter, so make sure you are shopping at a Mississauga Benjamin Moore paint store to get the best paint your money can buy. Benjamin Moore is a trusted name in home improvement. You’ll find many color pallets to pick from and high quality paint that looks great in your home. A Mississauga Benjamin Moore paint store offers reasonable pricing for their paint, that while a bit costlier than some of the lesser known paint brands, provides far more benefits than you could imagine.

2. Know How Much Paint You Need

Wasting paint isn’t something you want to do because the cost of a gallon of paint is anything but cheap. You can use online paint calculators and tools to determine exactly how much paint you need to complete the job, avoiding waste and saving money in the process.

3. Use Coupons & Discounts

With a quick search of the web, magazines, and websites, you can find coupons, discounts, and other promotions that reduce the cost of the paint that you want to buy. These free offers are worthwhile and easily found, so take the time to get your savings on! Everyone loves a great coupon, promotion, or discount, so do not be the only person missing out on the savings.

4. Buy Larger Containers

Rather than purchase the small gallon containers of paint, why not purchase in a 5-gallon container instead? Buying a larger size is usually a great way to reduce costs and ensure that you have the right amount of paint for the job.

5. Look for Sales

Who doesn’t love a good sale? Paint stores oftentimes feature sales on their paints and when these sales roll around, they bring some pretty unforgettable offers. Take advantage of the sales and the money-saving paint that you can gather when they are taking place. You will be glad that you did.

6. Oops Paint

Mississauga Benjamin Moore paint store

If you aren’t peculiar about the color of your home, you might find an oops deal with your name all over it. Oops paints are those that were ordered by mistake, that customers didn’t need for one reason or another. For you, the deals and savings are spectacular and you will love your awesomely colored home.

Get Your Savings On

There are many ways to score fantastic deals on your pain. Be sure to use the six money-saving techniques listed above if you want to score awesome deals on pain and make this DIY job easy and affordable.